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Private Training in 30min Sessions!
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  • Big Goals? See Big Results!


  • Look Great and Feel even Better!


  • Change your Fitness Change your Life!


  • All in short and intense workouts!


How do we Do It?

Underground FitClub is strength and conditioning training, taught individually or in small groups by a CossFit Certified Coach. We use a foundation of functional movement, performed at high intensity and pursue constant variation. Our coaching is rooted in the methods of CrossFit. 

  • Don't worry whatever shape you are starting from, you will be able to jump right in. 

  • Our workouts not only make YOU leaner and more muscular but also leave YOU in fighting shape. 

  • Underground FitClub can be that program to develop peak performance in YOU!

  • At Underground FitClub our programming builds YOU into a fat burning furnace using your inner athlete.

We do this in a supportive and inclusive environment with certified and professional coaches. Our facility is clean, centrally located and we offer online booking!

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